Espresso Icecream




get your hit of caffeine and cool off aswell

This icecream can be made with or without an icecream machine

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Step 1: Ingredients and Materials


150 ml milk

450 ml heavy cream

3 tablespoons very fine coffee powder

1 tablespoon cacao

3 large eggyolks

100 g white sugar (the white version of brown sugar)



coffee filter or sifter

optional icecream machine


Step 2: Preperation

add your cream, coffee and cacao together in a pan stirr untill mixed and heat up untill it starts cooking

remove the pan from the heating source when it starts cooking

let it stand for 5 minutes

filter or sift the mixture to remove any chunks

whisk the eggyolks and sugar together untill you get a lightyellow mass

while stirring add the cream to the egg mixture bit by bit

sift the mixture above a clean pan

heat the mixture 10-15 minutes while stirring on low heat

do NOT let the mixture cook

let it cool down to room temperature while stirring once in a while

Step 3: Making the Icecream

If you have an icecream machine follow the instructions

If you dont have an icecream machine put the mixture in a low box and put in the freezer

after 1-2 hours stirr everything loose from the sides and stirr through

repeat this 1-2 times after an hour

if you want to eat the icecream remove it from the freezer 15 minutes before eating to let it soften a bit


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    Way to go TamaraValkenburg! This looks delicious!

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