Espresso Mini Greenhouses

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I dig my espresso (Lucky Charm) every morning before I open my shop, Infusion Studio, llc. Adding to that, the joy I have of espresso, recycling, 3d printing, and gardening. I put all four of these together in what I call Mini Greenhouses. I use these to start my seeds until I can get them in the dirt.

Step 1: Getting the Espresso

First thing to do is get the Espresso and enjoy it. Good stuff. Clean out the cup. I washed mine by hand right after. Note to this as well, I did this 3 years back, and i am now getting the time to publish this. I have a much better crop starting this way than any other way i have started seeds.

Step 2: Dome and Breather Holes

I wanted top put some breather holes, or vents in the dome lid. I use a biopsy punch to do that. I heated the tip with a lighter and melted holes all around the dome lid.

Step 3: Sand, Pebbles, and Espresso Grounds

The bottom of the cup i places some sand, and pebbles

Step 4: In With the Seeds

So I then go about an 1" with dirt and an 1" with more espresso grounds. After that I drop the seeds in and mist them with warm water. Then fill the rest in covering the seeds entirely with dirt.

Step 5: 3D Printed the Top Plug

Went to CAD and designed a quick little plug for the top of the lip. This way can take it on and off as needed. I would put the plug on at night to hold in the heat. Take it off during the day to air out.

Step 6: A Few Days Later

A few days later things were going very well..........

Step 7: Grow, Grow, Grow and Good!

In a short few weeks this is what I had. This espresso cup worked more than great and I plan to use a lot more of these in the next year to come. Thank you for checking out this project of mine. I really appreciate it. Thank you.



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    2 years ago

    Do you use espresso grounds that have been used to make coffee or fresh grounds for this?

    1 reply
    Dylan LarsenJamesD103

    Reply 2 years ago

    I use the grounds that were used to make my espresso right from the tap so to speak. used, not fresh.