Espresso Bird/squirrel Feeder

Introduction: Espresso Bird/squirrel Feeder

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I wanted to build a bird feeder and didn't want a traditional wooden house shaped one. So I had a couple shots of espresso and started brainstorming........hmmm; I had a burned out espresso maker that my kids took apart for Daddy School at home last week. The plastic coffee maker case was perfect; and there was a little carafe tray for the feed to fall into. I removed some screws and internal parts, added hinges to the top of the machine, a solar light, some scrap wood for the base, and an old bicycle seat for a mounting bracket. Everything is upcycled except for the spray paint.
This would work for a chicken feeder too.

Old coffee machine or espresso maker
Solar yard light
Scrap wood
Bicycle seat
Spray paint, black and metallic

Hot glue gun
Welder for the bicycle seat, I added mounting points (not required if you use shelf brackets or hang it from a tree.)

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