Essential Oils Ant Barrier, Ant Stop for Bird Feeders



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ok for this i wanted a safe way to stop ants from getting in my Hummingbird, and Suet feeders, yes water works but its hot and dry in the south and it dries out, so i tried essential oils as a barrier, seems to work well

You will need old water or soda bottles

scissors do not run with them!

wire or coat hangers the metal kind.

cotton or some absorbent material to hold oils

some essential oils, peppermint, lemongrass, cedar, etc

Step 1: Cut Bottom Off

cut bottom of bottle off save it for later, poke a hole in lid, and in bottom center.pass wire thru

Step 2: Add Cotton Balls

on wire near top add a small wire to hold cotton balls in place. add cotton balls

Step 3: Add Oil to Cotton Balls

ok put a few drops of each oil you use on cotton, then push bottom on wire to make a hold and slow evaporation of oils. note you could use a poison but i don't like the thought of that.

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