Essential Star-Lord Props




Introduction: Essential Star-Lord Props

i am now a college kid, constantly believe i can be a better man, Just be the change you wanna se...

With the epic success of Marvel Guardians of the galaxy, with key players of the guardians, each being well established and interesting semi-heroic criminal, it’s only natural to take them as your Halloween props ideas. I love the movie, best marvel movie for me, I am also crowned Star-Lord by my very own lovely Gamora!! It’s only fair I stretch my crafty muscle to be a worthy Star-Lord for her.

I have seen a lot of cosplay online, most adapting brought-toy-guns Instead of very crafty options.

As you guys may have already known from my past projects, I don’t like pep files, I rather not spend money on things. I am a craftsman stupid enough to do things the hard way, odd enough I have fun in the process.

This instructable will provide step by step tutorial (also video tutorial) in making my set of essential Star-Lord props:

  1. A Star-Lord helmet/Mask
  2. A blaster/gun
  3. The Orb/casing of the infinity stone.

This was a long project, I started the helmet 2 days before the movie premiere. And finish the blaster and Orb around Halloween. Not that its complicated that take months… It’s that I was working on dozens projects at the same time. Keep my head in the game… And with good planning, its even more fun.

This a low-budget project!!

After all, Most of us are low-budget artist and garage make do-ers… its about getting the most out of nothing, making ourselves proud despite all limitations.

Step 1: Game Plan

Again, fail to plan= plan to fail…

You will need to familiar yourself with reference photos.

I like to draw 1:1 scale blueprint of the thing I am gonna make.

Draw yourself one!!

At the time I started the project, the movie wasn’t even out yet, so my planning and research process was limited a little bit by the lack of reference… I am sure you guy starting now can most definitely nail it even better than I did!!

Your may have to rescale the sketch to your proportions. Attached with my sketches anyway, see if that help!! Pls draw your own, totally worth the time, you won’t regret it.

This time will still mainly be paper craft blends with some simple sculpting. I am sure it’s a good entry point for sculpting and prop making beginners too!!

Step 2: Tools and Materials


  • Glue (hot glue guns)
  • Scissors and cutter
  • Paints
  • Masking tape (optional)


  • Old magazines or newspaper
  • Drinking straws (get some 4 free in Mcdonald’s)
  • Orange tic tac box
  • Plenty of paper card board (old paper boxes, recycling pls!!)
  • Some air-drying modeling clay (nothing fancy or expensive, the kind kindergarteners play with… I used jovi airdrying clay, very cheap. 30 HKD for 1 kg)

pls see the link of video tutorial here...

Step 3: The Helmet

Refer to your blueprint, which should

include a front view as well as a side view.

Refer to my video if the words are not descriptive enough 4 you.


I recommend to

  1. flat out the main face piece
  2. Make 2 holes around the eye area.
  3. Wrap a loop like a hat shape you can wear it.
  4. Add clay on the “brow” shape on the mask
  5. Further Block out the shape with clay, you can totally do so with paper, just that I found it a little faster with clay.
  6. Add some metal wire in the clay for armature (kindergarten clay ain’t know for strength lol)
  7. Detail the mouth part
  8. Add 2 cylinders by the side as the breath mechanism of the mask.
  9. Keep detailing with paper and clay
  10. Cut 2 circles out of the tic tac box
  11. Stick those on the eye area.
  12. Wrap its edge with some clay

Metallic Painting:

1. Dark paint all surface first (except the orange tic tac lens of course)

2. Wait for it to dry

3. Dry brush gold and silver according to reference pic.


1. for symmetric forms, work on both side together. Add details to both left and right at the same time i.e. Make both cylinders before gluing. Cus most asymmetry occurs when you nail the cylinder and stick it pn the right hand side, but cant re do it for the left side…

2. I told you to make it wearable early on, cuz you can wear it and check if it fit from the start. If you made a mistake, you know right away. I have experience that I got things are done and touched up, but it won’t fit!!

Step 4: The Blaster

Refer to your blueprint, which is fine if

you only include a side view.

Refer to my video if the words are not descriptive enough 4 you.


I recommend to

  1. Make a rough armature of the overall shape.Flat it on top of the blueprint, keep it a bit smaller than the blueprint
  2. Add clay on the armature.
  3. Try to keep it as smooth as you can
  4. Let it dry
  5. Sand it to a point you feel its smooth enough.
  6. Sculpt some tiny details.
  7. Touch up with some paper layers

Metallic Painting:

  1. Dark paint all surface first.
  2. Wait for it to dry
  3. Dry brush gold and silver according to reference pic.
  4. Paint a gradient of reddish purple to black to mimic The burnt mark near the tip of the gun.


  1. Paper armature give strength to the sculpt, as well as cutting off weight, clay drying time and clay shrinkage
  2. for symmetric forms, work on both side together. Add details to both left and right at the same time just like the helmet
  3. Sanding is an art of its own… But keep in mind a good artist know when to stop. Even if its not as perfect as you hope, you should know when to stop and move on to other details.
  4. simple geometric shape like flat faces can be done easily with a lyer of carboard, while it maybe done harder in sculpting and sanding

Step 5: The Orb

Well, first time in history, I am telling you not to draw a blueprint. I am sure there are cool details on it, but with lack of reference at the time I did it, it is just a lot of randomized texture, and its time to unleash my creative mind to get go with it!!

Refer to my video if the words are not descriptive enough 4 you.


I recommend to

  1. Roll up a paper ball from old news paper, the diameter being 2cm less than exact (around 9 cm).
  2. Squeeze hard to a high density
  3. Wrap it with masking tape, to a point it is a relatively rigid ball that won’t get loose when you let go of it.
  4. Wrap a even layer of clay on it.
  5. Smooth it out with by rolling it gently onn a flat table like a pro
  6. Sculpt some tiny details.
  7. Let it dry.

Metallic Painting:

  1. Dark paint all surface first
  2. Wait for it to dry
  3. Dry brush silver according to reference pic.


  1. For sculpting details, use the butt of pens and things around you with interesting shape, that how I try to keep thing randomized
  2. The layer of clay can be as thin as 1 cm thick, it should dry very quickly.

Step 6: Sth Good? Sth Bad? Abit of Both?

Voila, I am now a worthy Star-Lord!! What

about you? With a grey shirt and some red clothing matching the props, I think my Gamora doesn't have to wait any longer for me!!

Wanna make some other guns and helmets? Customize this however you want... Maybe a different character from different movies... I think the work flow and methodology is applicable to any projects!! If you made anything, post it in the comment section, I would love to see your creations and feedback!! As always, I will try to answer your inquiries on the making

I tried to enter instructable contest with this piece, pls like and vote for me if you like this!! Oh I have my special Gamora and a galaxy to guard, gotta go!! Wish you a nice day!! Until next instructable!!

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I made it! Entirely cardboard and, paper plates and milk carton!

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WOW!! nicely done!! you even did the detailsin the back!! great!! i didnt cus i saw in the realprop there are 2 pieces assemble to fit, i was on a tight time line!! haha thumbs up!!

Thx man

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Excellent project and well written instructable. Paper craft is something I have yet to try so thanks for the inspiration and great tutorial, I will use it.

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Whoa! Those look amazing! The similarities between your props and the actual props from the movie are outstanding. Nice work!

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as a marvel fan myself, complement coming from a marvel fan such as you is so cool, thx for support

​I always enjoy reading your amazing tutorials, they're so well put together! And it's definitely worth it you do things the hard way, like I mentioned I think you nailed it on the metallic paints and how you modelled/sculpted the gun and orb is to perfection, I didn't know you added the clay on top of the cardboard/newspaper base... smart craftsmanship, you're totally worthy of the Star-Lord title!

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your appreciation is all that matters... yay do things the hard way pays off!! Afterall, you crown me ur Star-Lord, my credibility is your approval of my worthiness, lol... like always, I could not have done this without you ♡mon cœur♡

awesome job! i honestly saw the first pics and was like.. "Don't tell me this is one of those "buy the toy props and paint them" tutorials, as i thought they were totally the props were the plastic toys being sold. they look legit! i use alot of cardboard myself for my clay/bondo bases, so i def appreciate your work. Great job and keep it up Starlord!

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wow means alot... i really wish to deliver more than just repaint toy gun exactly!! thx again for support...