Estonian Meatball Soup




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This soup is a perfect option during cold winter months!

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Step 1: Ingredients:

3 Carrots

1 Turnip

1 Leek

1 Parsnip

2 Celery Sticks

2 Medium Potatoes

Fresh or Dried Dill

For the Meatballs:

1 Egg

1 Onion

200g Minced meat (pork or beef)

1 Cube Chicken Stock

Salt & Black Pepper to taste

Oil for frying (about 2-3 Table spoons)

Makes: 4-5 portions

Time: Preparation: 20 mins + Cooking time: 45 mins

Step 2: Method:

Wash, peel and chop carrots, turnip, leek, parsnip and celery into bite-size pieces. Heat oil in a large pot (medium heat) and add the chopped vegetables. Fry slightly for about 5 minutes.

Add water (about 2 litres). If you prefer thick soup add less water or more vegetables.

Bring to the boil and add the chicken stock cube (or chicken broth).

TIP: If you wish to use your homemade chicken broth, use 1 litre water and 1 litre broth.

Reduce the heat and simmer for 30 minutes.


Place the minced meat in a large bowl. Finely chop the onion and add to the bowl. Add the egg, salt, black pepper and mix well (use hand or a wooden spoon). Using your hands form small balls out of the mix and place them onto a plate for later.

When 30 minutes have passed, add peeled and chopped potatoes. Simmer for further 10 minutes, then bring to the boil, add the meatballs and boil until they surface. Right before turning off the heat, sprinkle with fresh or dried dill.

If the meatballs are cooked and the vegetables are soft the soup is ready.

Serve with a slice of bread or a toast.

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    3 years ago

    As an Estonian I approve!


    3 years ago

    I want this, and I mean I want this now! Looks delicious.