Etch / Tattoo a Knife or Skate Blade in 5 Min



Introduction: Etch / Tattoo a Knife or Skate Blade in 5 Min


This is the most simple method to tattoo a blade (steel in general) permanently. Durable and will

not even take 15 minutes. Here we go!

Step 1: Tools and Material

I own a laser engraver, so making the stencils is easy, BUT you can do the same with a sharp knife

or a razor-blade. You need a REAL sharp knife!

What else do you need?

- Fe(3)Cl solution

- Masking tape (for the stencil)

- Pipette (for application)

- Rubber glove and lab glasses (safety gear)

...and something to put the tattoo on. Anything made of steel will do!

Plus a bit of toiletpaper and water to clean your blade when you are done. A tooth-pick
will do a great job when you have to peel the tiny bits of tape off :p I used a screwdriver in the video,
not really optimal!

Step 2: The Steps

1. Make your stencil. You can either cut it out, THEN put the sticky part on your blade, OR stick it on, then cut it out. Will work better, but there is no room for mistakes!

2. Before you stick anything on your blade, clean it with acetone or soap/water.

3. Apply the stencil, make sure no air is trapped while putting it on! I used a piece of wood to apply some pressure.

4. Clean the letters again, Q-tip and some acetone or deodorant / nailpolish-remover will do the trick.
Just run down the letters as if you were writing with a pen, not too much pressure, not too much solvent.

5. Glasses on, glove on, pipette cleaned and you are ready to go. Apply tiny amounts of acid to the blade.
I used way too much in the video, you really need only a tiny bit! But make sure, every spot is covered!

6. Wait 10 min, then soak up the acid with some toilet paper (the glove should still be on your hand while
doing so), then remove the stencil. The toothpick will help.

7. TP plus some clear water to rub the blade off, and you are done. Your fav band on your blade \m/

Step 3: Instructional Video

Watch this before you start and you are good to go.

Avoid the mistakes I've made and it will look even better!

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