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Introduction: Etched Glass Headstone

I had this idea on my brain for quite a while. My uncle Gregory was a very unique guy, i thought he needed a unique headstone. We have 10 acres, so when he died in April of 2001, we just buried his ashes in this nice area along the driveway and added the fountain (without water hookup) and a big stone that we painted his initials on. We always planned on something nicer for a marker later, they are a bit pricey for a granite or marble one. :( the first pic is from the drive way, the second a close up. We're thinking of adding a solar spot light to it at night, i'll post another pic if we do.

Step 1: Artwork and Transfer

I don't have a working printer at the moment, so i decided to do the lettering freehand. Two sheets of copy paper. I had a sheet of tempered glass from some my husband brought home, this was the nicest one. I put down contact paper for the mask and used carbon transfer paper between it and the copy paper to transfer the design. That was time consuming...

Step 2: Transferred Artwork

Here is the transferred artwork. It's not so stable on the contact paper, it smudged easily...

Step 3: Artwork Cut Out

Fun time cutting this out, as I couldn't touch it to do it except with the xacto knife. That A design at the top was the worst!

Step 4: Etching Cream On...

This stuff is pretty easy to work with, but you've got to put it on kinda thick for it to do the job. I left it on there for at least 30 minutes... i kinda lost track of time. I was playing Candy Crush Saga...
After it was done, i had dried a bit, so i spritzed it with water and wiped it off with paper towels. Then i stood it up on a thick towel, to catch the run off, and spritzed and wiped more.
That is duct tape around the edges to protect them...

Step 5: Finished Product!

I stood it up in the living room window to get this shot, i think it turned out pretty well.

In the area that it's located, i feel that it's safe from hail damage. If it were out in the open, I'd be in trouble. This IS Oklahoma...

Thanks for looking, i hope you like it!

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    1 year ago

    wow, nice result esp considering how it was made with no advanced tools (aka the most primitive way: by hand..) also I think that the manual approach just gave it the extra special touch it needed.
    I would not put a solar light on it, you uncle enjoys its quiet final resting place, kinda hidden but also kinda in plain sight, depending how you look at it. ;)

    ps sorry to see he had such a short life :(