Etching a Knife Blade


Introduction: Etching a Knife Blade

thought ide try eychin one o my knifes wiv salt water n a battery charger

Step 1: I Added a Bit of Salt to Some Eater Attached The+terminal to the Blade the Negative to a Cotton Bud

Step 2: Then Put Some of Them Card Making Sticker Things to the Blade Plugged Charger in In and Etched It Im Quit Happy W the Result

Step 3: The Result

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:



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    Nice etch job :) Can you give more details on how you did it? Thanks

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    hi dan thanks f the comment,i did it by firstly using those stickers they use for making cards n stuff thers hundreds of different ones from craft store.then wiv my battery charger attached th plus terminal to the blade with a crocodile clip,attached a cotton wool bud t the negative lead dipped that in salt water plugged it in then just dabbed the blade with it

    what size battery did you use?

    i used a 12volt car battery charger