Etching on Silver With Dremel 3000




This guide will be for using the Dremel 3000 rotary tool to etch/engrave of the Silver. I suggest that people who are etching or engraving for the first use a stencil (I learnt this the hard way).

I used a Dremel 3000 and a Flex Shaft. The bit I used is the Dremel 191 High Speed Cutter since the engraving I needed was on a silver cup which had a curved surface. Do tell me if you think if there is any other bit which would have better suited my purpose.

Step 1: The Tools

1. Dremel 3000 rotary tool

2. Dremel Flex Shaft

3. Dremel 191 bit

4. Safety Goggles

5. Practice material (Optional)

Step 2: Decide the Text

Decide what you want to etch on the silver, be it text or pattern. In the present case, I wanted to etch my niece's name on a silver cup as a gift.

Even on paper, my handwriting is really bad and I was scared i might ruin it, so I practised her name on a steel glass before proceeding onto the silver mug.

After a couple rehearsals, decide where and in what size you want the text or pattern. Note that using a stencil on curved surface is not possible and I have no idea if you get stencils that can be used on curved surfaces.

Step 3: Engrave

Using the flex shaft and a speed on 8 on the tool, gently start writing on the surface. Note that take gaps in between of you feel like it.

Go slow and steady and do not hurry it like I did.

I think I could have done a better job if I had done it with more patience.

Step 4: Final Step

Note that while engraving keep the tip at an angle of 45 degrees for constant font thickness.

Once you are done, wipe with a clean cloth and wash with soap before gift packing it.

Thanks for using this guide and bearing with me. :)



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    Not at all. I have small children. And I can't tell you the number of fights that start with "That's MY cup" " No it's MINE". Letting the personalize one that is their's saves a lot of hassle.

    Ohh awesome.. Sorry about that.. My niece is 7 months old and here in India it is like a tradition to give silver cups, bowls or spoons as gifts from direct family.