Ethernet Cable Whip


Last Month I saw an image in my twitter timeline from a whip/flogger made with ethernet cables. I thought tis would be a funny gadget for my office so I made one. This is my version of the ethernet cable whip.

You will need :

3 Ethernet Cables (1.5m)
1 Ethernet Cable (1m)
Small wire

First line up the 3 Ehternet cables and fold them in the middle

Step 1: Step 1: Braid the Cables

Braid the cables starting from the middle to each side, so that you cover about 50% of the lenght of the cables.

Step 2: Step 2: Bind the Grip

Fold the cables again and fix the ends of the braid with a small wire so the cables don't get loose. Twirl the fourth Ethernet Cable around the top side of the braid to create a grip.

And that was all, folks :)



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