Ethernet Shields V2.0 and Modbus TCP Communication


About using bidirectionnal Modbus TCP communication with the latest Etehernet Shields V2.

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Step 1: Comparisons and Settings

It's been many years I use the famous and unexpensive Ethernet shield for Arduino based on W5100. It works fine but the latest shields are faster and low energy consumers. I recently bought 2 type of Ethernet Shield V2:

-the SEEEDUINO (25 EUROS) based on the W5200 and runnig with Ethernet_Shield_W5200 library

-the official Arduino Ethernet Shield V2.0 (30 EUROS) based on the W5500 and running with Ethernet2-1.0.4 library

To establish a good Modbus TCP communication, you need to use the famous "mudbus" library and modify it easily as indicated in the tutorial.

Then the sketch are a little different between these 2 shields but it works fine.

AdvancedHMI can check the communication.

nota: I have got some definition problems with the pdf tutorial and I don't know why. Now it's solved. I give you an Office file.

Step 2: Conclusion

Thanx to all website advised in my tutorial.

Happy instructables.

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