Euler's Pi Day Date


Introduction: Euler's Pi Day Date

This is a date particularly for all the engineers (but also other geeks) who wish to incorporate the mathematical beauty of Euler’s equation into their love lives.  For those of you that are not familiar with Euler’s equation it is e raised to the i pi plus 1 equals 0.

This equation is so amazing because it relates 2 irrational numbers and an imaginary number and produces 0. According to one of my professors it was voted the most famous equation of all time even over E=mc^2 in a survey of professors. More information about Euler’s identity can be found on Wikipedia:

Warning: Euler's Pi Day Date may lead to geekgasms- plan accordingly :)

The pie that I made for this very special date is a strawberry / chocolate pie with a dark chocolate fudge crust. 

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Step 1: Gathering Ingredients

To make your Pi Day Pie you will need the following:
pi tart apples
2pi/3 lbs strawberries
a can of sweetened and condensed milk
2pi/3 cups of dark chocolate chips

Step 2: Other Things You May Need

To make the pie for your date you will need the following:
a microwave safe mixing bowl.
2 baking pans
a pie pan
a spatula
measuring cups
an apple peeler

Things that you may or may not need for your date:
a ladder
an elevated location such as a rooftop or a second story room
a picnic blanket

Step 3: Begin Your Crust

Make the Fudge

1. Put 2pi/3 cups of dark chocolate chips into a microwave save bowl.
2. Pour 1 can of sweetened condensed milk on top
3. Microwave for 1:30 on high. The chocolate chips will not look melted but don’t worry abut this. If you microwave the mixture for longer you will burn the chocolate.
4. Add pi/3 tbsp Vanilla or Vanilla Extract.
5. Stir until smooth
6. Lubricate a pie pan with pam
7. Pour enough of the fudge into the pan to coat the bottom. Spread it out evenly.  The fudge is very intense so make it thin to optimize your filling/fudge ratio.
8. Spread the excess out on a sheet of wax paper lubricated with pam. You can use this to create decorations later or you can cut it into blocks and serve it as fudge.
9. Put the wax paper on a cookie sheet. Refrigerate both the cookie sheet and the pie pan to solidify the fudge.
10. If you let your roommates / family members lick the spatula and bowl they will love you a little extra. They might even be so thankful that they will help you with labor in the coming steps.

Step 4: Make the Apple Filling

1. Skin pi apples
2. Cut the apples into small pieces, and put them into a pan.  You should leave them a little compacted; if you spread spread them out too much they will dry out a little bit. 
3. Mix in:
    a. pi/12 cups flower
    b. pi/12 tsp nutmeg
    c. pi/6 tsp cinnamon
    d. pi/12 cups sugar
    e. a dash of salt

Step 5: Prepare the Strawberry Filling

1. Cut the strawberries into small pieces, and put them into a pan.
2. Mix in:
     a. pi/6 cups flower
     b. pi/8 cups sugar
Note: we had fairly sweet strawberries and  this yields a mildly tart filling which I think goes well with the chocolate.  If your strawberries are less sweet or you like your pie to be sweeter then you might want to add more sugar. 

Step 6: Bake the Fillings

Bake the fillings at 400 degrees for pi/6 hours.

Step 7: Finish the Crust

Cut the fudge you spread out into strips about as wide as the height of the sides of the pie pan. Put strips around the rim of the pie. You can use your finger to melt the sides on to the bottom. Then use the rest of the strips to mold a pi shaped well in the middle of the pie. It manipulates similar to soft clay or play-doh. You can use toothpicks to help the fudge stay up.

Step 8: Finish the Pie

After the filling has cooled fill the pie.  Then remove the toothpicks. 

Step 9: Setup Your Date

It's time to set up your Euler’s equation themed date. In the emulation of the equation you are the e. This is why this date is especially applicable to engineers.
Now lay out your picnic on your roof or another elevated structure. The structure is the exponent in Euler's mathematical equation.
Call your date and tell her you need help with a plant thats square roots are damaging your roof.
When she comes over take her up to the roof or other raised surface where you have your picnic laid out.
No doubt she will be surprised by the picnic. When she asks where the plant is tell her that it is imaginary. If you’ve been keeping track the plant has square roots, is negative because it’s damaging your roof, and is imaginary because you made it up. This is the i.
Obviously the pie is the pi. Your date is the +1.
What happens after this depends greatly on your style and the status of your relationship. Whether you sit and have a cute awkward chat about your favorite xkcd comic, or have a food fight and lick pie off each other is up to you.

Step 10: The End

Of course Euler's date always ends in 0. (This refers to the pie being eaten, not your success.)

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