European 4-in-1 Maille (chainmail) Row Aligner.




Introduction: European 4-in-1 Maille (chainmail) Row Aligner.

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If you want to know how to 4-in-1 speedweave there are instructable's already on here..
As this is my first Instructable it may be rubbish but hey, we all start somewhere.


To provide (hopefully) clarification on how you add rows.
To share a method I've come up with to make adding rows a little easier.


You have read Paul the Mole's guide and are familiar with creating single or multiple rows of 4-in-1 maille.


Two or more tie wraps/similar.
Cutting implement (you can do without)
Pliers two sets ideally (for bending rings)
Chainmail rings.

Step 1 - The Rig.

The rig is very simple, consisting of a tie wrap for each row which keeps the links aligned for your new row.
I cut small tie wrap stoppers  for the ends because the links kept sliding off.

Step 2 - Starting the new row.

Whilst this step is covered in Paul the Mole's Instructable, I felt it wasn't clear as the gaps were quite hard to see.

Just like Paul the Mole's guide, grab two closed and one open link.

Select two links on Row 1, that you joining, and thread the open link through them. 
Because the row is uniformly aligned using the tie wrap its almost impossible to go wrong here.

Step 3 - Expanding the row.

I found that following Paul the Mole's method I couldn't thread the open ring through the four closed rings to link the sections of new row, this could be because my links are much smaller, or I'm simply too clumsy.

Instead I expanded the row two links at a time, rather than three..

Grab one open link.
Thread open link through the three as indicated in the images.
Drop a new closed ring over the protruding Edge.
Close it up.

Step 4 - Keep doing it until you have lots and lots of maille.

.... I'm currently working on some maille gloves, but they aren't likely to be finished for a good week or two.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    No idea how to make it into separate pages, but the images are in the same order as the text.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You can separate the steps by creating a Step-by-Step Instructable as opposed to a Photo Instructable. If you'd like to do that in addition to this one, you're more than welcome to!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the heads up, didnt notice the option first time.
    I've done it afresh as step by step =D