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Introduction: Even More Street Luge Modifications & Street Luge Info

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Recently I realized that my street luge instructables are pretty vague, so here I will show many pictures. I will also explain the function of anything on the luge, and point out my newest modifications. I will include a few tricks I picked up, and will go in depth about the construction of a street luge.

As for the extreme contest, street luge is very extreme. Rolling down a busy road at nearly 30 mph? Dangerous, yet fun. While riding a street luge, you are just one pebble away from falling off and crashing. Street luge is so extreme that I was ordered to stop doing it by my parents. If dangerous+fun=extreme, then street luge=extreme!

Step 1: Construction of the Luge

The construction of a luge is pretty simple. One main 2x4. Skateboard trucks go on the bottom, one in the far back, one abou 1/3 of the way down from the front. Footpegs are added near the front trucks. A seat is added where you can comfortable sit, and a backrest is right behind that. The backrest is held up by a couple small pieces of 2x4. Handholds are optional, as you can just hold onto the seat.

Step 2: New Bearings?

If your wheels have bad bearings, you can replace them with bearings from doner wheels. My friend bought a set of roller blades used at goodwill that had amazing bearings, but bad wheels. Watch the video to learn how.

Step 3: Padding!!!

Padding is a very comfortable option. I put some old foam on mine so that crashes wont hurt as bad, and so that laying on it is more comfortable. Look into padding, as it makes street luge overall mmore confortable.

Step 4: List of Pieces and Video

-one main 2x4
-2 small pieces of plywood (seat and backrest)
-small piece of pvc (footrest)
-skateboard trucks
-scooter/rollerblade/skateboard wheels with bearings
-various small bits of 2x4
-very many screws and or nails

Step 5: The Importance of Safety

Helmets are essential. be safe. I recently had a run in with a person walking on the sidewalk; a near hit. Always wear a helmet, and make smart decisions. Watch for cars and people, and ride on empty sidewalks, not the road! Be smart, and be safe.

Step 6: Last Notes

I origionally had a metal hook on the front end of my luge so I could pull it easier. I crashed, and the hook slammed against my coccyx, or tailbone. Also, it isnt a bad idea to always carry around an allen wrench and a small screwdriver when you are out luging.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or send me a personal message. You can also ask instructables member Higgs Boson
(https://www.instructables.com/member/Higgs+Boson/) anything you want. He is my friend, and is one of the co-creators of our type of street luge.



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    That's awesome. I had tried a few braking techniques before but no luck. Might have to try that...

    Well, I have always thought luging looked like ridiculous fun, but I have always wondered about how you slow down. Also, I assume you have to go down hills to get momentum, or is there some other method to get going like bike towing?

    6 replies

    Useyour shoes or abort luge. Some hills that I ride on naturally curve up at the end, or turn off into grass. I usually push with my hands for the first part of the hill.

    Ok, I thought so, but I wondered if there was some more elaborate way. I think I might make this If I get bored in college.

    I find the phrase "abort luge" to be deliriously funny, for reasons unknown to me.

    its just about painful as It is funny. What college do you plan to go to?

    Either UC Santa Cruz or Chico State University, both in California.

    cool. I would like to go to Colorado State University, but that is still a few years away. Check out these new videos that show how we stop on 2 hills. The guy in it isnt Higgs Boson, just so you know. In one of the videos I drop the camera, which was completely unintentional.

    You use your feet as a brake and yes you fly down hills to gain momentum. In australia all downhill sports are held at Bathurst one hell of a hill that Conrod Straight.