Even Though About a Bike-bus?

Introduction: Even Though About a Bike-bus?

The best way to move people into friends is a bike ride together.
The most safety way to ride in the streets is to be noticed by every vehicle.
The greatest thing you can do is to share what you have.

With this totally home made six seats tandem you could reach all theese option!
If you want to start a "think green" activity and you are looking for a new, strange and over-the-top way, what do you think about this: you can use it as sponsor but just for sports industries, or green energy companies, maybe you could be a tourist guide in your city managing a two hours ride for a family or why not, a marriage with a band riding this tandem!

Please, don't limit your creativity!

Step 1: How It's Made?

Create this engineering masterpiece it's not so different from build your own bike, you have just to multiply for six the work. Handlebars, saddles, pedals, chains and cranksets are totally customizable!

The most hard part is the frame ("Oh really? You don't say?"). You have to use a professional welding machine to adapt the front and rear forks to support the weight of450-500 kg (6 people and the tandem); as you could see the rear is done welding four forks but the front has just two.
For the frame we put together a huge long empty pole at the bottom, a medium size pole in the middle and several small poles to join the big and the others two.

Step 2: Ladies and Gentlemen, Let's Ride!

In the end with this prototype we had great fun, some not professional experiences, worked a lot together and met new friends. I think it's the best I could wish to all the others cyclists and craftsmen.

Enjoy your ride!

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    Gael - Tim
    Gael - Tim

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Sweet project and nice job! I might be trying to make one of these some time soon.
    I was wondering what wheels you used because I'm guessing they have to be mighty sturdy.