Evening Pencil Dress

This little black dress is easy to make and looks fab. All you need is enough stretch velvet to go around you and finish just below the knee, and some black tulle for the sleeve. 

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Step 1: Get the Shape

If you dont have a dressmakers dummy get someone to pin the fabric around you.   Wrap fabric around you or the dummy leaving 1/2" extra at the top and  extra at the bottom. Pin down both sides to get the shape. Make sure it is fairly tight. When happy tack in place. Cut away excess fabric leaving about 1" all the way down each side. Remove pins, Remove from you or the dummy and machine on a zigzag stitch with a sewing machine. 

Step 2: Cut Length

Measure from the floor up to 1"below your finished length and cut all the way round, always measuring up from the floor to get an even hem.

Step 3: Sleeve

With the dress on you, pin 1 piece of the stretch chiffon where you want it at the front and the same on the back. Tack to hold. Then machine in place. Put the dress back on and just gather the rest until you have your desired sleeve shape. Hand stitch in place.  

Step 4: Finished

the finished dress, killer heels and you are ready for the ball.  Please check out my facebook page  winney and rose, x

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    midnight lightning

    4 years ago

    This is so simple and cute! I would make this but I rarely ever wear dresses...