Ever-lasting Balloon

Introduction: Ever-lasting Balloon

This instructable will explain how to build a balloon that will never deflate. The potential uses are endless! (This would also make a great valentines day gift)

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Step 1: Materials Needed

1 balloon
Several sections of newspaper
Armature/Hanging wire
White Tape
Red Paint
Glue (Normal and Hot)
Platforms to hang things from
Trash can
Drill bits
X-acto blade
Sand Paper

Step 2: Paper Mache

Part 1:
Mix paper mache glue. We used 1 part wood glue to 1 part water. If in a sealed container, this can last for a week or so.
Part 2:
Rip paper into strips
Part 3:
Hang balloon over a trash can
Part 4:
Dip strips of paper into glue, push onto balloon, continue until balloon is thoroughly covered
This can be done over any time span. It is okay if it dries before you are done, just keep going with more glue-newspaper strips
Part 5:
Allow to dry overnight or until hard

Step 3: Sanding

Part 1:
Pop balloon with an X-acto blade
Part 2:
Remove paper-mache balloon from string that it was hanging on, lay on a table
Part 3:
Gently sand the bumps and creases off of the balloon. Be careful because you can dent the balloon if you sand to hard. Use a heavy grit sand paper to do this.

Step 4: Holes

Part 1:
Drill four holes around the base of the balloon (Where you inflated the balloon), making sure that there each set of two holes lines up. This is easiest to do by driving screws into the base
Part 2:
Drill a hole in the top of the balloon

Step 5: Wire

Part 1:
Thread one piece of wire through each pair of holes in the bottom and fold them so that they all point down if you are holding the balloon with the bottom down
Part 2:
Fold one piece of wire over and thread it through the center of the balloon. Be sure that the folded end comes out of the bottom.
Part 3:
When you have all of your wire pointed toward the bottom of the balloon, hot glue the wire in place in the holes. This will dramatically increase the strength of the balloon.

Step 6: Painting and Finishing Touches

Part 1:
Wrap the exposed wires with white tape
Part 2:
Hang the balloon from another platform
Part 3:
Cover thoroughly, but evenly, with red paint, preferably using a foam brush
Part 4:
Enjoy! This can be used as many times as you want, but it can be fragile because of the paper mache, so be careful.

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    I promise that the wrinkles that are visible in the close up are avoidable with better sanding, and they are not noticeable in real life.