Everyday Simple Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: Everyday Simple Makeup Tutorial

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So this is a very simple quick and easy makeup look thats great for lazy days or just your everyday makeup looks as it doesn't take up much time or effort. I do hope you like this.

Step 1:

So first I applied a primer to my face as this is a great way to protect your skin from makeup and also going to help is last too. Then with your foundation you are going to want to apply this all over your face making sure its blended and theres no harsh lines. I also go in with my brow palette and fill in my brows as its amazing how put together your face looks just by doing your brows.

Step 2:

Then I quickly highlight and contour my face. This also helps get rid of any dark circles I may have I do this by applying concealer to my under eyes, chin, nose and forehead and blend this out with a beauty blender. I then go in with my setting powder and apply this where I applied concealer. Then with my bronzing powder I shape my face slightly by applying this to the hollows of my cheeks, forehead, jawline and nose. I also take my bronzing powder and apply this to the crease of my eye just to add some dimension there.

Step 3:

Then I go apply some mascara to the lashes and concealer to the brow bone just to help life the eyes slightly and make the brows look perfect.

Step 4:

Finally I just went in with a pink lipstick to add some colour but obviously this can change from the outfit you are wearing.

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