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I am posting this instructable to show you what my friends and I have come up with so far with blowguns and darts. We could really use some help, so if you have any ideas, feel free to post a comment OR personally message either Higgs Boson or me, freeza36. This instructable is a collabaration.

The problem is that no matter what we (my friends and I) do, our blowgun’s effective range is only around 40 feet absolute maximum. We need to look into all of the variables that may affect the blowgun’s distance and accuracy. I have found that a longer pipe will improve accuracy, but there is a point where it is just simply too long and is hard to use.

Step 1: The Blowguns Themselves

All of the ones that I use now are between 2 and 3 feet. The three foot blowgun is harder to transport than the two foot already, and many instructables call for a 4 foot or more piece of pipe. Will metal work better than pcv? Please comment.

Step 2: Nail Darts

These darts consist of a paper cone with a nail protruding out of the end. Small nails work the best. We do not, I repeat DO NOT, use these against people, and these have the best accuracy and distance of any dart that we have thought of so far. Use tape to secure the nail.

Step 3: Paperclip Stun Darts

These darts are constructed in the same way as nail darts, but they have a bent over paperclip instead of a nail for the tip. These are what we currently use in blowgun fights. The effective range is a maximum of 10 feet. They spiral out all the time. 

Step 4: Wire Stun Darts

These darts are just like the paperclip darts, but they use a bent piece of coat-hanger wire as the tip. They hit harder, and leave welts. We prefer not to use these. The effective range is around 25 feet. They hurt. Alot.

Step 5: Plain Ol' Paper Cones

Paper cones alone are not good darts at all. They spin out at about 2 feet, and are just plain horrible to use. The first darts we learned to make were these. The longer the cone the better. Good luck with these.....

Step 6: Marshmallow Darts

These darts are just plain paper darts with a stale mini marshmallow stuffed into the end. They work surprisingly well, and can shoot accurately (with luck and skill) about 35 feet. Another problem is that we ran out of marshmallows, and if they are too stale, they don't work.

Step 7: Reverse Screw Darts (aka Mr. Sniffles)

These darts are just what they sound like. Cut the tip off of a paper cone, and screw a screw in so that the flat part (the head) is on the tip of the dart. Use small screws, like you find holding together toys and such. If you use a full size screw, you are gonna get hit in the face and it is going to hurt. I hit my friend (Higgs Boson on instructables) in the face with one, which I nicknamed Mr. Sniffles. Leave a comment asking if it felt good. hahaha evil laugh.... (i did not have any small screws readily available. the only one pictured in the cone is a full sized screw)

Step 8: Nut Darts

To make this dart, take a paper cone and use a hot glue gun to fasten a nut around the tip of the dart. These do not have the tip needed to go into stuff, so they rely on blunt force.

Step 9: Special Darts

These darts take forever to make, and each one is unique. They can be made from old pens, sharpies, pvc, wood, or practically anything else. My friend and I tried using these for a while, but each one is different, and most are too heavy to fly long distance or be accurate at all. We also used old dartboard darts. Most of these special darts had nails in them also. Some of hese worked, and some didn't. The reason why we stopped using these is because m tend to lose darts fast, and these take a long time to produce, plus you have very limited materials. We made many more than just what are pictured, but im not sure where they are.

Step 10: Help!

Ok so Higgs, me, and our friend don't know how to improve this more. Please leave a comment or send a personal message to either Higgs Boson or I if you have an idea, question, or a comment. Thanks!



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    4 years ago on Step 9

    you are on the right track but for one thing you guys over use tape and the cone only needs to be about a quarter of the way down your screw etc,the marshmellow was a good touch and might work well with a toothpick dart or picture frame nail (those little tiny nails used to hang up pictures) and paper is not the only thing you can make cones out of tinfoil leaves feathers and even cutting that little plastic piece on a shoe lace cut alittle bit off of it and fluff it out some thin stick a needle through for practice and then take the needle out take a mini paper clip(if it has plastic on it use scissors to peel it) and bend it to the size you want,And finally your blowgun is to big if you can fit a sharpie in it you need a smaller gun yours look to be 1 to 3/4 inch pbc you need 1 to 3 1/2 foot long and 1/2 inch diameter pbc


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I just wanted to say to always be careful. Today, because he and I were not being careful, Higgs Boson accidentally shot a nail dart at my hand. It stuck in. Not too far, but it still hurts and is very dangerous. Always practice safety and responsibility.


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    a "pannelboard" nail actually. the ridges hold it into cheap wood


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    lol, upon further inspection, i found out that i didnt realize that its not in a spiral shape. Fine.... its a nail XD


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yea a smaller bore allows for more power and range, but not one that's too small or you will just choke the flow and reduce power, 0.25 is a good compromise. apart from that projectiles that have less air resistance and that don't fit too tightly into the barrel are a great way to improve range, a good compromise between heavy and light for your projectile will work wonders too, too heavy and it won't go anywhere and too light and it won't have any energy in it. try a metal dart with a feather end (or something fluffy to make it fit snugly into the barrel etc). As for material choices for your blowpipe there is pretty much no difference between PVC and metal performance-wise, but keeping it smooth internally should improve your performance quite a lot. hope that helps and happy making :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    i found that frayed string/yarn propels the dart, but it is not as accurate as the cone, nor will it go as far


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That's probably because of a mix of both weight and resistance, It's hard to get the 'perfect' design for a dart but you will find that some of the best darts use the 'fluffy' end to propel them. Try a range of different materials for your current designs as well, you will be amazed at how effective changing materials like paper to plastics can effect performance.