Everything Hanger



Introduction: Everything Hanger

Giving a good use to some disposable laundry clothes hangers.

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Step 1: Materials

Four laundry clothes hangers, black rope, gold spray paint, small glass jar, masking tape, scissors, pliers (not showing)

Step 2: With

the help of a plier turn an inward loop to the extreme of the hanger, to give a decorative touch.

Step 3: Tape

together the four hangers all the way trough on the base and try to separate them evenly.

Step 4: Paint

any color you have on hand, I choose gold.

Step 5: Cut

two pieces of black rope, one of 22 inches an one of 11 inches.
Make a loop with the one with 11 inches.

Step 6: Fold

by the middle the piece of 22 inches rope and tie a knot on one extreme of the loop.

Step 7: Tie

another knot at the opposite side of the first one.

Step 8: Take

the loop rope and put it on the small glass jar, adjust and tied a knot to hold it firmly.

Step 9: This

will help to hung the container on the everything hanger.

Step 10: This

container will serve to hold small stuff like earrings or keys. Done!

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