3D Evil Eye Catcher



Introduction: 3D Evil Eye Catcher

I'm sure that you are familiar with dream catchers and Turkish Evil Eyes! Both are meant to protect us from bad luck and bad people. If you walk into a Turkish household, one of the first things you see will be an evil eye. Similar to that, this project will teach you how to combine a dream catcher and evil eye in a 3D model and therefore, BE DOUBLE PROTECTED!!

It is fairly simple (I will give you files for 3D printing): I will show you how to modify your 3D print and paint it! I hope you'll enjoy it!

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Step 1: Printing Your 3D Design & Materials

If you guys wish to create your own design, you are welcomed to! I will add the files to this step if you want to use the designs I did.

We will print the top and the bottom part of the Evil Eye Catcher separately in order to glue them with each other later on!

Material List:

- Your 3D design

- Acrylic paint

- Different sized brushes

- Sand Paper

- Screw Driver

- Hot glue gun

Step 2: Get Your Design Ready to Paint

+ Get the support off your design

- You can peel it as I did it in the first picture. This is usually easier to do when the 3D design is not very fragile. As the branch, I'm actually using the 3D support because it is less fragile.

- Or you can chisel the base with a screwdriver as I did in the second picture. Make sure that the 3D design can stay still so you won't hurt yourself!

- Place the screwdriver between the support of your design and your design and hit it with a hammer. This will help you

- Also, (this is optional) you can shave the top part of your branch to make it look nicer when you combine it with the top part.

Your final product should look like something in the last two pictures.

Step 3: Get Your Design Ready to Paint Pt. 2

Now, use sand paper to make your design smoother. All you need to do is rub the sand paper to coarse surfaces!

Step 4: Painting

To make painting easier, you can paint the same colored pieces of your design at once. For example, the branches at the bottom and the handle are supposed to be the same color so I colored them together.

- Coloring them as though you would color a coloring book!

Step 5: Painting Pt. 2

To get the nooks & crannies, get a wider brush and start dabbing the 3D design. Make sure that the paint is dry enough that the colors won't mix before you do this!

Step 6: Hot Glue

-Plug in your hot glue gun and give it a couple of minutes to warm up.

- Glue the inside of your bottom part and insert it into the upper part

Step 7: Hot Glue Pt. 2

- After you insert the bottom part into the top part, press it down for a couple of seconds to make sure that it sticks properly

Step 8: Detailing

This step is not required but it sure makes the Evil Eye Catcher look better!

- Grab a Sharpie and draw mini branches on your branch

- To make the bottom part blend with the first part, grab a thin brush and paint them the same color

Step 9: Enjoy Your Evil Eye Catcher

YAY! You're double protected from bad luck!

Please let me know if you like this in the comments and post pictures if you make it!

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