Evil Teddy Bear (Omaha Makers Group)

This shows how you can make a scary prop for your Indie horror movie, or scare your kid out of sleeping with a Teddy Bear.  We don't recommend it for children under 10 years of age.

(In fulfillment of the Bare Conductive Paint initiative of May 21st at the Omaha Maker Group)
(Special thanks to Dave and Pete for their assistance on this, it really sped things up!)

Step 1: Step 1, Find a Teddy Bear at a Thrift Store

We take our medium to large sized teddy bear, and begin by drilling it's eyes out with a drill press.   Try not to go too fast, or you may get the drill bit bound up in the stuffing material behind it's eyes.   We discovered by accident, that the eyes can be snapped off, and removed.  I recommend you remove the eyes first.

Step 2: Step 2, Making Glowing Eyes...

Find some RED light emitting diodes, which are better if they are super bright led's.  Get a hold of some 1.5v watch batteries and use a thin magnet to affix them together.   Using a pliers, bend the leads on the LED's to act as springs attaching them to the batteries.   Make sure the side with the flat portion of the LED is going to the negative terminal.   Tape together with electricians tape, and you now have a glowing red eye...almost.   Thanks Dave for getting these eyes together for us.  Pete strikes a candid pose at the terror of the glowing LED's.

Step 3: Step 3

At Pete's near insistence, we took the original eyes and drilled them a bit larger.   We then added JB Weld to the LED's to implant them into the original eyes.  The clear plastic eyes had a nice effect of dispersing the red light in the end, so that was a good idea!  We then put the battery packs back together to get the eyes to glow.

Step 4: Step 4, Make Room for the Electronics

Out comes the knife.   Make slits in the eye sockets to accommodate the battery packs and eyeballs.  The JB weld worked very well in keeping the eyes, the electronics and everything together.   Insert both battery units into the hollowed out area, and now you have one interresting B movie prop! The way it looks in the dark reminds me of the Moth-man prophecies.  There, was that so "Unbearable?" 



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    3 years ago

    LOL ..... good one

    The Pencil Guy

    3 years ago

    Horrifying and amazing at the same time. Congrats, you made me reconsider my existence.