Evil Talking Parrot

Introduction: Evil Talking Parrot

I wanted to create an evil talking parrot Halloween prop and since I didn't have a lot of money I figured i do it on the cheap. It can say 11 custom phrases and 6 factory phrases.
Custom:                               Custom 2:                                               Factory:
1. Bite Me                              1. Stop what you are doing!                1. squak
2. BOO!                                  2. I kill you!                                             2. Fart
3. Happy Halloween!          3. step away from my candy kids       3. laughs
4. AHHHH!                            4. Don't touch me!                                 4. whistle
5. Go Away!                           5. no touchie, my candy!                      5. Whatever!
                                                6. Don't touch that!                                6. Dance

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

38+ sheets of computer paper
black Hammered Rustolyum spray paint
clear tape
Fur-Real Friends talking parrot (or any animal of your choosing)

Step 2: The Cage

Construct the bars of the cage by rolling up 16 sheets of paper and stacking two of them together to make eight bars.

Step 3: Cage Sides

After the bars are done you need to build the sides to support the bars. I folded one sheet of paper in half twice. I did this eight times for the top and bottom of the cage.

Step 4: Cage Top and Bottom Supports

I just did the same thing as the sides but bent one end down. I did this eight times as well.

Step 5: Cage Bottom

I made the cage bottom from several unfolded sheets of paper. Anything that went over the side i folded down and taped to the side.

Step 6: Paint

I used rustoleum Hammered paint cause it makes the paper look like hammered steel.

Step 7: Final Thoughts

If I had to do it again I would use PVC pipe but right now i'm broke and all this was lying around the house so I re-purposed it.

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