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Introduction: Evolution Knex Ball Machine

About: I like to build things with K'NEX (mostly ball machines), play video games (Mario), and watch YouTube. I'm on YouTube more than I am here. So feel free to leave a comment or question here or there. (I have t...

Hello everyone!!! This is my biggest ball machine to date. It has 4 motors, 4 lifts (1 new design), 12 paths, and 10 new elements. I'd like to thank these users for their elements used on this machine {Thibault, MechanicalCreationMaster, Martijnb95, Sorunome, Sandroknexmaster, Knextreme, Dick Heijboer, toeti (The96jonse), Tyler Durden, I_Am_Canadian, www139 (William Green), Fenrir119, Tornado96}.

For this project, I had to purchase Knex in boxes twice off of eBay to help me build something bigger and more complex than anything I've ever built. I am pleased will how it turned out. I hope this will be an inspiration for a long time. Hope you like it!!



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    Can you make instructions for the new elements? They look awesome. I really like the separator for network 2!

    I just remembered: This is the first ball machine of 2015!

    This is an awesome machine! I really like the element at 6:30 in the video, its a great idea. Also, great choice on the second song of the video ;)

    Cool ball machine. Nice use of classic elements, and some fun new ones...definitely your best build yet. Keep 'em coming! ;-)

    Wow! This is definitely your biggest, and, judging by the pictures, best work yet. Amazing!

    I'm getting "This video is not available. Sorry about that." :(

    Looks good judging from the pictures, though :)

    Great ball machine! Many cool new elements, and indeed much bigger than your previous machines.

    Looks great I am always amazed at how people build these things, I've tried 1 and was horrible at it so I think I'll stick to guns:)