Ex-Window Coffee Table

This must be the easiest and best gosh darn looking table it is possible make:

1 x Window found on the roadside
4 x colonial table legs
8 x Metal Brackets
4 x wooden Dowels
wood Glue
28 x Screws (depth and width appropriate to brackets and depth of frame)

Power Drill

1. Remove hinges from the window.
2. Turn upside down and rest on a couple of crates
3. Measure up and drill a hole in the leg and corner of the table to fit the dowel. Fill hole with a bit of wood glue. Tap the dowel into place with the hammer. Attach leg to window so nice and sturdy. Repeat.
4. Place two of the brackets on either side of the leg attaching to window frame. Drill holes and tighten in the screws. Repeat for all legs.

That's a table. Easy Peasey.



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    The legs were from Bunnings. The legs are 44cm high from the floor + the window frame width adds another 2.5cm (right on an inch) to the height.