Exam Security System

Introduction: Exam Security System

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now a days technology have been developed too much our younger generations using it in a bad way every one has a mobile phones even kids used to use smart phones now a days the are cheating their exams using micro Bluetooth watch mobiles and etc in this project we can stop or find who are cheating in the exam this project works on radiation all of us know our phone produce a radiation this board has a copper coil which absorbs radiation waves and indicates if any mobile phones used And the presence of an activated mobile cellphone from a distance of one and-a-half metres. So it can be used to prevent use of mobile phones in examination halls, confidential rooms, etc. It is also useful for detecting the use of mobile phone for spying and unauthorised video transmission. The circuit can detect both the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and video transmission even if the mobile phone is kept in the silent mode.

1.step transformer
3.1000uf capacitor
4.10uf capacitor(2)
5.5v regulator
6.9v relay
7.555 timer ic
8.compatible ic
9.led (red(1) and green(2)
11.copper coil as inductor
12.bc547 Transistor (4)

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Step 1: Starting With a Step Down Transformer

step down transformer are used to reduce high voltage to low voltage cause our project just needs 15 volt so i have used the step down transformer

Step 2: Power Supply Board

it has four diodes and a 100 uf capacitor 5 volt regulator 10 uf capacitor and a resistor it reduce our power supply to a proper electric line to the other boards

Step 3: Connecting the Circuits

now connect all the parts i have used a printed pcb to it so it is easy to me to connect

Step 4: Alarming Circuit

it has 555 timer ic , compartable ic buzzer ,10 uf capacitors, (2)bc547 transistor and a copper coil acts as a conductor

Step 5: Alarming Circuit Connecting

now connect the parts according to the picture and verify if it works

Step 6: Relay Circuit

i have used a (2) bc547 transistor led and a 9v volt relay which acts as a switch to on or off the system

Step 7: Connecting the Relay Circuit

Step 8:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    in power supply, resistor doesnt reduce current for output but it reduces for led. for output,voltage is reduced by voltage regulator LM78XX


    5 years ago

    won't this make a lot of false alarms since phones automaticly check for example new whattsapps through internet?


    Reply 5 years ago

    It can also be placed in home if ur paarents have doubt on u will get caught to your parents