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Welcome to my biggest and greatest k'nex ball machine built to date, Excalibur! It features 8 paths, 6 new elements, and uses 2 motors , taking two months to construct. This is also the first time I use tube track as well as gold connectors and track splicers.

What helped me build this massive contraption is the very first k'nex set ever made, the 63030 roller coaster set that I found on Ebay with a good price and condition.

I would like to thank these people for their inspirational elements used on the machine. (Knextreme, knexpert#10829476, Sorunome, sathothy, Thibault Art, 95martb, Kairah89). Details for my new
elements can be found on my elements and path guides. Thanks for viewing and build on!!!

Here's the video of Excalibur IN ACTION:



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    my wookie

    5 years ago on Introduction

    very nice... but if you ask me you have WAY too much free time. (however you can never have too many Knex/ legos : )

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    yay, i made it in the credits of an awesome ball machine :P
    great job man :D

    The first thing I said when I saw the element at 1:18 was, "Oh, cool!", and that was by no means the only time I said that phrase during the course of the video! ;-) (I also liked the little trolley cart, and the 270o ball arm with path to hold ball...very nifty.) Great job, a wonderful machine. Since you said in the description the elements will be posted soon, I will be saved having to ask! :-D

    1 reply

    Thanks!!! The 270o ball arm was not my idea, I got it from Thibault. Anyway, I do have pictures of most elements used but some don't have descriptions yet.

    Very nice!
    I like the elements at 1:18 (Is it based on step 6 in my new elements guide from Dragonfire?) and 2:44 (That's awesome!)