Exclusive Diy Jewelry Crafts-mothers Day Bracelet Out of String and Beads



Via learning today’s post about diy jewelry crafts, you are able to create an exclusive mothers day bracelet out of nylon thread, leather cord and certain number of beads. It is safety and easy to practice among adults and children.


Step 1: Materials Needed in Mothers Day Bracelet:

Non-Magnetic Hematite Beads Strand

10mm Pearl Bead

2mm Cowhide Leather Cord

1mm Nylon Thread



Step 2: Step1: Make the Starting Loop

1. Cut a section of leather cord, make sure the length be 6~7cm longer than the wrist circumference;

2. Fold the starting 3cm long to form a ring. Then fasten the strand of 50cm long 1mm thread with a larks head knot;

3. Separate the two equal-length working end and work another two square knots.

Step 3: Step2: Add on the Beads

Thread one hematite bead onto two ends, then secure in place by one square knot.

Keep adding beads and tying square knots for entire mothers day bracelet.

Step 4: Step3: Add on the Ending Pearl Bead

1. Secure the ending by tying another two square knots. Remove the excess leather cord;

2. Slide the pearl beads on both two ends;

3. Tie a fasten knot tautly to secure;

4. Trim the leftover thread tails and seal with lighter.



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