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Introduction: Firebowl !!!

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In this instruction I will show you how I how to make an unique an elegant fire bowl for your garden!

So let's get started:

At first you should check the measurements of your terrace to get an idea about the bowls size. My fire bowl has a diameter of 1,3 meters, I think that's a good size even to have a REAL fire;-)

After that you can think about the design. At first I thought about making a three-cornered fire bowl, which looks very aesthetic. But this only allows a much smaller fireplace compared to 5-corner-bowl with the same diameter. If you have a big terrace this design would look impressive!

Step 1: The Design

Start with drawing the shape of a single part. Use a 5mm sheet metal for the bowl, if it is to thin it might deform because of the heat.
Its hard to "calculate" the correct measurements, so I just used the "trial and error" method:-)

After you had constructed the single part, you should assemble it to see if the parts fit together. It helps to create a "floor" plate where the bowl can stand on.

Now its time to personalize the fire bowl. You can adjust the diameter, height, form, whatever you want. Just make sure that the parts fit nicely.

Before you do the next step, try to assemble and reassemble the parts in the computer, just like you would do it in reality!

Step 2: Manufacturing

To produce the fire bowl you have to create an DXF-file and a rough drawing of the sheet metal. The DXF-file is needed by the CNC-machine, and with the rough drawing you can calculate the amount of sheet metal you will need.
You don't have to use stainless steel of course, normal steel, maybe with a rusty look, will also look very good and will be much cheaper!

If you are one of the lucky guys who own a CNC-mill or a CNC-plasma-cutter or something like that, you just have to send the DXF-file to your CAM-Software. If not, you have to search for a workshop which is able to cut sheet metal.
Now you just have to send the DXF-file to this company, and wait for the cut parts to arrive!

After getting the parts, just assemble it, get some firewood, cold beer and some friends and enjoy a cosy evening with your new fire bowl!



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Hi there.

I got the parts cut out, but cant assemble them. My logic tells me there must be a fold somewhere, but dont see any instructions in this article. Can anyone please advise?


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Took a little figuring on that one. My first thought was sliding together radially, but that doesn't work. Looks like:
- Put the pieces almost vertical, pointed corner down, in a circle.
- Hook each one over a neighbor.
- Pivot all the bottom points in together.

That is good work! I found that I need 4 hands to do it like that. So....., because I started with a scaled down model, I actually assembled it upside down and turned it over once finished. I am not sure why, but it worked easier that way round. However, I must add that I afterwards managed to assemble it the right-side-up ;)

Just keep tryin'! When I assembled it the first time, it took me a while, but then in worked:-)

Maybe you can send me some photos?

Can we get a view of the underside? How stable would this firepit be on a hard flat surface?

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Once the firepit is assembled correctly (its a little bit tricky the first time) it's very stable! So you don't have to be scared of an unpredictable disassembling:-)

I will add a view of the underside. The diameter of the base is about 0,5m

Really nice!
and a great idea!
How much did it cost (with all the laser cutting etc.) ?

1 reply

Thank you! As I said, I didn't had to pay for the cutting because it was the first test of a new machine, so I dont' really know what you have to pay normally....

I'd consider adding two pair of slots or holes in the folded section, before you perform the folding. Each pair of slots has one strategically located on either side of the fold, as a pair of "dashes" inline with each other, but perpendicular
to the fold line..

This would allow you to stack the plates at the fold, and use a pair of
carabiners to keep the stack locked together, for shipping or carrying
between campsites.

Using slots (vs holes) makes the individual plates "universal", so you don't
care what order they are in, when stacked. (Each added plate in the stack
shifts the hole location slightly, relative to the other plates, by the thickness
of the plate stock.)

What a work of art! Goes to show you how elegance comes from aesthetics and utility both. Very clever, also more cost-effective to produce even with an n=1 because of the symmetric design. I'll get you could have an online shop where folks could order the leaves (in several sizes)...

Because of the good feedback I just added a .dxf and a .stp for this part!

Hello Kev13,

I'm sorry, but I don't really know what this would cost in a regular shop. I didn't had to pay for that work, because they got a new laser cutting machine and my work was the first try:-)

But I really reccomend to ask for prices at different shops!

I love this! It's absolutely beautiful. The lines are simple and contemporary. Well done!!!