Execute a Very Mean Prank at School or the Office

Introduction: Execute a Very Mean Prank at School or the Office

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If you've been browsing around looking for cool prank ideas for April Fool's Day, Here's one you might like. It's meant for School or the office but obviously it can be executed anywhere as long as your victim owns a binder/folder.

It's pretty mean and might get you in trouble if you pull it off on the wrong person so always use good judgement when preparing any kind of prank.

Here's what you'll need:

1 Paper/styrofoam plate

1 liquid of your choice

1 Someone's binder containing important documents

Not much work goes into setting up this prank, Take about 30 second to prepare.

First have access  to their binder, Open it!
Place the plate on the desk and fill it with your choice of liquid
Pick up the binder and slide the plate inside the pocket opposite of the side that contains the important documents.
Make sure the plate is right side up at all times.
Close the binder and the prank is set.

When your victim opens it, it will flip over the plate causing the liquid to spill all over the important papers inside the binder. It will surely make someone made. It's a booby trap nobody would like to fall victim to. To get a full demo of this prank in Action, Watch the instructional video by Clicking Here!!!

Have a safe and awesome April Fool's Day!

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    5 years ago

    lol perfect!