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Introduction: Executor-class Dreadnought

About: Hi guys! It's Ethan1023 (duh!). I'm a Christian, first and foremost, but I have a lot of other interests as well. I love Algebra. It's so useful! Also, PI. Right?

This is my take (K'Nex, no doubt) of the Executor-class Dreadnought (Super Star Destroyer). These ships were used almost exclusively by the Galactic Empire, but some were stolen before they were put into use. Only two ships ever appear in the Star Wars movies. The Executor and the Ravager. The Executor was commanded by Lord Vader, led the initial attack on Hoth and defended the Death Star II. It was initially destroyed by a downed A-Wing fighter that crashed (deliberately) into the bridge, thus destroying the conning tower and command central. That action caused the ship to then collide with the Death Star II. The Ravager fought in the battle of Jakku before it was downed. All that viewers see of it (in the movie) is the underside, in the iconic Millennium Falcon/SF-TIE dogfight.

Step 1: Parts Count

This is another mini build. Note: The initial build is the same, but, it has some alterations. Be careful.

Let's get our pieces.



White-33 (4)*




Dark Grey (1-slot)-2

Light Grey (2-slot)-4 (1)*





Blue hinge joint-2

Black hinge joint-4

(Black) ball joint-17 (4)*

(Black) socket joint-3 (2)*


Tan locks-2

Blue spacer-4

Knexman Head-5

* (-) numbers are for mini Star Destroyer.

Step 2: The Base

This step covers the essential base. Notice how there are differences between this base and the bases for the other Destroyers I made.

Step 3: The Rear

This step works on the rear, or "stern" of the Destroyer.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

This step covers the Bridge and the Engines.

Step 5: Mini Star Destroyer.

I made this miniature star destroyer (to scale, of course) to go with the build.

Step 6: Bonus NM (Nerdy Material)

After I did the picture of the Inflictor, I decided to do a picture of the Ravager. I tried to use the mini star destroyer in the pic, but I couldn't find it.

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    3 years ago

    Hey Ethan!

    This was a true treat to see your mini Star Destroyers in the featured catogory. A well written ible with clear pictures, the mini star destroyer is super cute and the bonus material just made me laugh out loud. Well done! :D made my day, proud of you.