Exfoliate Your Feet. FAST




Introduction: Exfoliate Your Feet. FAST

Better tools for foot care. And these are not them. My calluses grow faster then these tools can take them away. Can't take a day off just to work on my feet.

Step 1: Buy Some Real Tools.

Wood rasp and painter's sanding sponge. The rasp is great for your heel or thick calluses. Soak your feet in hot water and start filing. The painter's sanding sponge is great for quickly removing calluses on sensitive parts of your feet. It doesn't get mildew like a loofah sponge. I've been using this one for a year already.

Step 2: It Looks Scary.

But it's not. Your nerve endings will tell you when to back off.

Step 3: Know When to Stop.

Pay attention to what you are doing.

Step 4: This Really Helps.

This stuff is great. Supposedly good for diaper rash too. My doctor had nothing to say about it though.



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    This is absolutely disgusting. Here's the best way to get soft feet...go barefoot. Calluses don't form, you don't need to use woodworking tools on soft tissue (again, gross), and you get to enjoy a whole new world of sensory input you never knew before.

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    Wrong.. Going barefoot all my life is what caused me to try to find out how to not have gross looking feet in the first place. They are rough and scaly. Ew

    It might not be your cup of tea, granted, and there might be other less gross ways to go about it, however, I just wanted to point out that going barefoot is not an option for everyone. I live in North Dakota & will not go barefoot, especially 9 months of the year when it is on the cold side. I've also been told by my doctor NOT to walk barefoot, I need the support on the arch & have been dealing with a heel spur. I won't take 5 steps if I can help it without having shoes on anymore.
    I used to love going barefoot.

    podiatrists actually use dremels. so that's not so bad, although I little weirded out with all the blood in that water. ouch.

    I used a dremel on my big toes.  Ped Egg would never really go through it.  It's a $20 4.8 volt one from Wal Mart.  It's high speed is only 10,000 rpm.  (which is slow for a Dremel)  Don't try it with a good Dremel though!  30,000 rpm burns!  People use them for dog nails and such, probably the most useful thing you'll buy.

    What the heck is this?! This is horrible. What is wrong with your foot that it's bleeding so badly? And wont you get scabs instead of the soft feet you want? This is gross. :(

    If your feet are that bad perhaps you should go to a foot Dr. There is what is called a "Super Athletes foot" and it can crack your feet so deep they bleed and the callus builds up really quick and then cracks some more. Funny thing is it doesn't look like Athlete's foot. If you want some really soft feet get some foot balm with Urea in it.

    They use to use this on pigs a long time ago. Some people find it cheaper than baby ointment still.

    I have to say that is one scary picture, it looks lie you have a pool of blood under your foot.

    That's a wood rasp, not a bastard file.

    I know this may seam really stange, but I have found that a slightly dulled fold out blade box cutter held at the right angle can remove layers upon layers of dead skin from my feet. The idea's sort of like shaving but just a bit deeper.

    Put a sanding drum on a variable speed dremel type tool and run it at its lowest speed. As long as you move it around, you can remove lots of callus. Leave it in one spot too long and heat builds up really fast. :) I got the idea from my sisters who said the ladies at the nail salon use pink, dremel type tools to remove callus for pedicures.

    Nice bathtub/sink photo-op (or is it... dun dun dun..)! As an aside though: calluses appear because of friction. By filing them away, your just promoting them. Poof! your in a vicious cycle. Solution: wear shoes that don't destroy your feet. Oh and moisturize. Go bag balm! (and other moisturizers)

    It's a joke 'bro... if it's not this person is into self mutilation.

    why is hygiene gross? the tools are the same, just purposed/named differently :P