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Introduction: Exhaust Fan/ LED Light Combo

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I have been looking for an exhaust fan / light combo for my toilet but couldn't find anything suitable for under $80 so I figured I could make a hybrid much cheaper myself so I did for under $35. I bought a Heller 200mm ceiling exhaust fan from my local Bunnings hardware for $19.98 and a 9w LED ceiling light from ebay for $12.98, I also used a few bits & pieces for a couple of bucks.

The LED driver has 90-240v AC input & 9w, 30-32v DC output so we have the best of both worlds as it will easily connect directly to the existing wiring with the fan & has a low heat & power output so it won't melt or dis-colour the fan cover, it is also light weight & does not effect the fitting of the fan cover.

Step 1: Cut Hole in Fan Cover for LED Light

Measure the inner diameter of the light & using a sharpie mark out the area to be cut out on the inside of the fan cover, I used a pair of side cutters & cleaned up the rough edges with a dremel, fortunately these two items were a pretty close match so it was straight forward.

Step 2: Mount LED Light to Cover

You will need 4x (M3-8mm) metal threads & 4x plastic cable clips(the type with the nail sparkies use) first unscrew the 4 metal threads that hold the light together, remove the nails from the plastic clips & cut them in half, then drill a hole in each clip for the metal thread to go through, fit the light to the fan cover & screw the 4 clips to secure the light to the cover(see pic), using 2 cables ties I carefully secured the light cable following the covers design so it is well hidden.

Step 3: Attach LED Driver to Fan Housing & Installation.

As you can see in the pics I removed the fans motor cover & mounted the LED driver to it along with a 4 screw mounting block for the wires then replaced it. It is basically now ready for installation.

I have not provided any information or pics on the actual wiring as being AC it is dangerous & could kill you so this should be done by a qualified electrician only. Once the fan is installed it is just a matter of plugging in the lights DC power cables & fitting the cover.

Step 4: Finished Result

I was quite surprised at how bright the light is for 9 watts it is more than enough light for reading ;)

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    2 months ago on Step 4

    Very clever - and simple, like all the best ideas! I'm gonna do this! Thanks heaps.
    Michael (Perth)