Exo Glove



Introduction: Exo Glove

this is a project I made for fun, it is an exo hand that you can wear and use, is more like an armor for your hand

I'm an estudent so please make all the comments you want in order to improve, thankyou

Step 1: Dowload All the Files

all of them are stl files

Step 2: Print It

ok you need to print this:
3 X "indice1" (this are the tips of fingers)

2 X "indice2" (this are the middle part of middel and ring finger)

1 X "indice2_cortobueno" (this is the middle part of index finger, it is a little shorter than others)

3 X "indice3"(this are the last part of the fingers)

1 X "superior_2" (this is the palm piece )

1 X "meñique_1"(this is the for the small finger)

1 X "meñique_2" (this is the for the small finger)

1 X "meñique_3" (this is the for the small finger)

3 X "nudillo_1"(this is the join between finger and "superior_2")

1 X "nudillo_menique" (is for the same as nudillo_1 but for the small finger)

4 X "perno_2" (these are the little pieces that joint the "nudilos" whit the "superior_2" part)

4 X "perno_anillo" (these are the other part of "perno_2")

Step 3: Assemble It

it is ver easy to see how it works, you have to join the finger parts and use the "pernos" to join the fingers with the "superior_2"part

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