Exp Lab IOT Project Very Simple Step




Introduction: Exp Lab IOT Project Very Simple Step

No signup,No setup. this three steps is very usefull to your getting start IOT Projects

  1. Creating your thing . by using Exp-Lab API Console
  2. Send data from your thing by this simple way.

* To send Data from your thing, simply call a URL like : http://exp-lab-solutions.com/app/{thingname/?hello=world Just replace {thing name} with a unique name.

That's it! Any query parameters you add to the request will be added as key-value pairs to the content of the Annupu. For example: http://exp-lab-solutions.com/app/{thing name}/?hello=world&abc=xyz

* Using curl curl --header "Content-type: application/json" --data '{"hello": "world","abc":"xyz"}' http://exp-lab-solutions.com/app/{thing Name}/ You can also send any valid JSON data in the body of the request with a POST.

3.GETTING Thing Data
* To read the latest Sent Data, you can call... http://exp-lab-solutions.com/app/{thing name}/getlast/ Just replace {thing name} with your thing name. That's it!

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your first project!! Welcome!