Expanding Desk Draw Dividers (Free Plans)

Introduction: Expanding Desk Draw Dividers (Free Plans)

About: Hi, I'm Alex Harris, Engineering student and "YouTube woodworker". For more about me, visit my website: http://thiswoodwork.com/

First off, apologies for the slight advertisement tone of the first minute of this video, but I promise there is a real project under all of that! (The reason being this project first featured in Microjig's newsletter)

Moving on, in the video above I build a simple set of expanding desk draw dividers, to fit the size of almost any draw, out of reclaimed plywood and pine. The only tool needed is a tablesaw, and perhaps a power sander if you have one.

If you would like to build this project yourself there are free plans available in the form of a PDF on my website, see here: http://thiswoodwork.com/desk-draw-dividers-free-plans/

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