Expanding Utility Trailer Platform for Camping




Introduction: Expanding Utility Trailer Platform for Camping

Expanding Utility trailer platform
by Scott & Beth McKay 3-02-2018

I wanted a way to raise my tent off the ground for camping. So I came up with this idea to expand my

Harbor Freight 4x8 utility trailer into a 10’ x 11’ platform. But most importantly I still need to be able to

use the trailer for non-camping activities. I still have painting, cosmetics to do, but the trailer tested

perfectly on a 2 night camping trip.

05 - 4x8 3/4" PT Plywood $161

20 - PT 2 x 4 x 8 $77

Outdoor carpet $70 (I liquid nailed and stapled carpet to plywood)

12 - 8" Eye Bolts $40 (thicker the better)

10 - Padlock latches $30

02 - Drawer Handles

05 - Liquid Nail $13

11 - Hinges $33

20 - L brackets (cheap, simple, just to keep inside drawer legs straight)

11 - 6" Bolts & washers, nuts (to bolt down 2x4 ends & middle to trailer frame)

01 – Box of 1” bolts, nuts, washers (for hinges and latches)

02 - Boxes of 3" Galvanized Screws

01 - Box of 2" Galvanized Screws

- 1/8" Panel wood

(Cut into 2" strips to raise plywood floor, so 2x4 drawers can move easier)

Project cost was around $550+

Think I'm going to Harbor Freight to get another Adjustable trailer wheel jack

to put on other side of tongue for added strength and stability. Hmm, maybe another

one on the back end for leveling trailer and support?



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    finally a way 2 survive from zombies & be mobile. ...lol

    You may consider some kind of skirt to block wind from going underneath the platform. Otherwise, good work.

    This is Brilliant. Well done

    WOW!!! I might just be able to get the wife to go camping with this idea!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    This is really, really cool. After seeing the commercial versions of tent-trailers, I always wondered what it would take to make one. Nicely done on yours so far. Thanks for sharing the details!!