Experiment: Can You Germinate Seeds From a Frozen Pepper?

I had some left over peppers that I did not know what to do with at the end of the growing season last year. This year I wondered, are the seeds still viable? Can I germinate a seed that was frozen inside of a pepper? To find out I conducted this experiment.

Step 1: Watch a Video of the Experiment

Step 2: Pull Out a Frozen Pepper

Following last year's harvest, I froze some Aji Fantasy Peppers whole.

Step 3: Cut Open the Peppers and Remove the Seeds

Step 4: ​Place Seeds on a Moist Paper Towel or Napkin

Step 5: Put Inside a Zipper Bag

Step 6: Leave in a Warm Place for 2 Weeks

Step 7: A Seed Sprouted!

After 2 weeks of being left alone in the warm, moist environment, the pepper seed sprouted. The experiment proves that one can sprout seeds from a frozen pepper.



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