Experiments With Amarino Nano 1.0

Introduction: Experiments With Amarino Nano 1.0

Before you start the experiment, stack the Arduino Nano and Bluetooth modules on the headers of Amarino Nano. This is how you do that:

Then connect it to your computer for programming using the provided USB cable. Please remember that you need to turn off the RED colored 1P-DIP switch while uploading your sketch to your Arduino.

Step 1: Amarino Toolkit MAIN Application:

This is the main Amarino application to be installed on your Android phone. There are other applications which work only after installing the main application. If the link does not work, download the application from here.


Step 2: Amarino Library for Arduino

Download it and move it to the Libraries folder. You can check here if the Amarino team has upgraded the library. It’s always good to use the updated version .

If the given link does not work, you can download the library from this link [http://www.buildcircuit.com/amarino-applications/M...].

After installing the Amarino main application and Amarino library, we move to the following steps

Step 3: Pair Up the Bluetooth Adapter Module With the Bluetooth of Your Android Phone. the Pairing Code Is 1234.

After installing the Bluetooth adapter on the Amarino Nano kit, switch on the Bluetooth function of your phone, open the Amarino application and connect each other using the pairing code 1234. You can see the MAC ID of the Bluetooth adapter on the Amarino application interface. On the image shown below, you can see that there are two Bluetooth adapters with two different names and IDs registered on the application. Pressing the “Connect” button connects the application to the chosen adapter. You can connect only one adapter at one time.

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