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We all love Zombies. We all love to imagine yanking the guts out of zombies. Now you can!

I made this zombie plushie (her name is Brigitta) for a friend for her birthday. I figured Brigitta needed a lil' zombie pet, so I painted a plaster cat figurine to be Brigitta's friend in a zombie world. The cat's name is Zach Braff, obviously.

Brigitta's eye was blown off by a pesky human during the early days of the zombie apocalypse. Poor Brigitta.

Brigitta is made of cuddly flannel. She has yarn hair, painted and embroidered features, felt organs, a velcro-enclosed body, and button joints.

Although I began the project taking step-by-step photos, I changed my original plans and decided to make Brigitta's chest cavity accessible and dismantled the doll after construction in order to add her organs and stuff. I hope these photos inspire you to make Brigitta and Zach Braff some new friends.

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    4 years ago

    would stitching the limbs onto the torso work?(p.s best zombie plushie ever !!! )


    7 years ago on Introduction

    omg, PLEASE teach me how to do that, it's just what i need!
    my boyfriend wants a zombie for hes birthday and i didnt know how to make it
    pleaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee! im loooving it so much (:

    3 replies

    Thank you! I will not be posting the step-by-step instructions for this because I made it long before I knew about Instructables so I didn't take step-by-step photos. I don't plan on ever making another one--however, it is actually pretty easy to sew and to figure out from the pictures above. I sewed each piece individually and then hand-stitched them all together afterwards. The organs are painted felt, and the face is painted on and stitched around.

    The other really nice thing about this doll is that if you are a bad stitcher or mess up the edges, it just makes the zombie look more authentic!

    If you have any specific questions as you are going along the process, feel free to ask and I will help in every way I can.


    okey, thanks so much i'll take a photo of it when im done (:
    just, can you tell me what do i need for making this?
    like materials or something (:


    I used scraps of flannel I had, but you could use any zombie-colored fabric. You will need acrylic paint, stuffing, yarn, embroidery floss, needles, buttons, and some scrap fabric for the clothes. That's about it!

    You can do it! This project really allows for a lot of mistakes. I just stitched over any bad-looking areas with little x-stitches.

    Another great thing about this project is that even if you are a messy stitcher the doll comes out looking great. Zombies really allow you to make a lot of sewing mistakes.