Exploding Outhouse Bank




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Step 1: Batch Cut

Grab yourself a 1/4" sheet of plywood. You don't need much, only about 1/2 a sheet. Cut all the pieces for the bank/outhouse. You will need a front door, two sides, backside and an oversize base.

Step 2: Cut Angles and Dowels

Now the front and back are two different heights, so you need to angle the sides to match the rise. Place the sides in-between the front and back and connect the dots. The angle I found is about 5°.

Then cut some 1/4" & 3/8" diameter dowels for the assembly and function of this bank/outhouse.

Step 3: Assembly

Now, I used to make these in bulk for craft shows. So with the help of assembly jigs, you can locate the dowels in the right place. I glue these all in with hot glue. Glue a mousetrap centered on the base. Then glue in dowels that are same length as the trap separated from the sides the width of the plywood. This will create a slot for the sides to stand up in.

One last thing to do is to cut a slot in the top for the coin to drop through. This slot needs to be placed so the coin drops right on the mouse trap trigger plate.

Step 4: Lets Set Up the Fun

As you can see, the sides have two short 3/8" diameter dowels that are positioned over the spring trap so it will fly open when the trap is sprung. Place the back on which also has a locator dowel to keep the sides from collapsing inward. The front also has such a locator dowel. Now the top has two locator blocks to locate it in place.

Note: Remember the top must line up with mouse trigger plate.

Step 5: Now Let the Fun Begin

Test your bank/outhouse with a simple coin (I recommend a quarter). Once the coin hits the mouse plate, it will cause the mousetrap to spring the many parts of the outhouse apart.

Tip: To make it more fun to unsuspecting money givers, make sure the outhouse/bank front door points in the direction of the person. When the trap is sprung the parts will fly directly at them. Now that is funny!!!

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    3 years ago

    Lol, that would be a great prank! That is a really cool project I'd like to try sometime

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