Exploding Soda

Introduction: Exploding Soda

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So here is a simple and easy prank to pull on any soda lover.  With help of a trusty brand freshmaker Mentos, a bottle of coke and a little bit of prep you can create an erupting cola volcano of DOOM. I have done this prank with a variety of brands of soda and all  have worked with great success.  The following sodas I have had success with: Coke, Diet Coke, RC Cola, Pepsi and Diet Pepsi.

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Step 1: Tools Needed

Tools needed for this prank:

- Mentos
- New, full Coke bottle (now this works on your standard 16oz bottle up to a 2 or 3 liter)
- Thread (I used a clear nylon thread)
- Needle
- Hammer (or hard flat object to hammer with)
- Scissors
- Clueless victim

Step 2: Stringing Your Mento

Now that you have all of your materials you will begin:
- First, take your thread and cut off a strand about 6in long.
- Now you wanna string the strand through the eye hole of the needle and tie it on with a knot.
- Take out one Mento for a 16oz-1liter bottle, two for a 2-3 Liter bottle and lay it flat on a hard surface.
- Now carefully hold the needle on the center of a single Mento and hammer lightly til you pierce right through the center to the other side.  This part can be a bit irritating as the Mentos tend to just split in half.  If you find yourself getting stressed and running low on Mentos then you could also use a bit of tape and simply tape one end of the thread to the Mento and skip the whole thing with the needle.  I only use the needle because it ensures a secure hold on the Mentos.

Step 3: Still Stringing Your Mento

- Now you want to pull the needle through your Mento and cut of the string from the needle then tie the string around the Mento.
- You should now have yourself a Mento on a string.

Step 4: Placing Your Mento

- Here is where you open your Coke and lower the Mento in.  You want to barely just lower it in so that when you place the cap back on the cola it conceals the Mento.
- Take the cap and tighten it back on while holding the string.
- Once the cap is on cut off the excess string down to the cap

Step 5: The Big Boom

So now you are done.  Simply put your coke bottle back into the fridge and wait for your unsuspecting victim to go for a refreshing drink of coke.  Once the cap is opened it released the Mento right into the coke causing a big eruption of soda Mento-ee goodness.

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    if you can make this work with mini's
    we have granades C:<


    8 years ago on Introduction

    also wrap your mentos in paper then put it in the coke. Close the cap and either
    1. stand and watching really explode
    2. Harder but take the bottle updide down and throw it down away from you and with some luck, the cap should fly off with lots of pressure and the bottle will go flying! =D