Exploding Eyeball.

Introduction: Exploding Eyeball.

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This is a fun/quick/weird prank that can be pulled either at home or (preferably) at a restaurant! WARNING: THIS PRANK MAY CAUSE INTERNAL LAUGHING.

All you need for this prank is:

(1.) A fork
(2.) One of those little creamer cup thingys
(3.) A victim

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Step 1: Preparation

First you'll need the creamer. Most breakfast joints have these at the table for customers, but you may want to bring one with you (just in case). Keep the creamer hidden on your lap or in your pocket until showtime. Pretty much every restaurant in the country has forks, so you shouldn't have to worry about that (sporks work too). Make sure that the other person at the table is comfortable, and take some time for them to relax.

Step 2: The Prank

When the other person isn't looking, palm the creamer in your hand. Scratch your eye with your other hand, and complain about it itching. Do this for a short time, scratching and rubbing it, and then cover your eye with the hand holding the creamer. Make sure that the lid is facing outwards, so that it can be punctured. Pick up the fork with your other hand and poke the fork between your fingers so that it punctures the creamer. Scream and yell, and observe the reaction. Exploding eyeball...don't expect a second date.

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    This is an old Penn & Teller prank actually, but still a great one! I have been doing it for years--thanks for posting!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Video would be nice!!!

    Tried this in a restaurant, waitress almost fainted!!