Explosive Tipped Blowgun

Introduction: Explosive Tipped Blowgun

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a explosive tipped blowgun using simple materials

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Straw or an ardor gun barrel (that's what I'm using)
And a cap gun round

Step 2: The Dart's Fletching

Cut a square piece of paper about 2 by 1 inch.
Then take the ink cartridge from the pen and roll the paper starting from the corner make sure the fletching is getting bigger while it goes down it. Then you insert the fletching into the straw and cut it when it gets harder to slide in. Make sure it isn't super tight.

Step 3: The Construction of the Dart

Get the fletching and slide the pen into it making sure it's snug slide it about 1 centimeter on. Then tape the top to secure. Now to make it blow up get the cap gun rounds and cut a single round out. Tape it securely onto the tip.

Step 4: Shooting

Insert it into the barrel and blow with one powerful burst of air. For a dart that catches on for use a match for it.

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