Explosive Rounds for Your BB or Pellet Gun!




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This is my first instructable. Hope you like it! I know I do...

My dad once told me how to shoot explosive rounds from my BB/pellet gun. I was amazed to see how well it worked, and I finally have a chance to show it off. First of all: DON'T BE DUMB AND BURN SOMETHING DOWN!!!! If you do, I am not liable. It shouldn't happen as long as your careful.

Anyway, lets get to the fun stuff...

Step 1: Get Some Strike Anywhere Matches.

Just get some strike anywhere matches. I got 250 of 'em at Vons really cheap.

Step 2: Get Your Matches Out, and Get Your BB/pellet Gun Out.

This instructable won't work if you don't have strike anywhere matches. To see if you truly have a strike anywhere match, it should have a differently-colored tip from the rest of the match. Mine are red with a white tip.

Step 3: Put the Match in the BB/pellet Gun.

Put the match in the BB/pellet gun and make sure the tip is facing outwards, like in the image.

Step 4: Now Shoot It.

Just pump up the gun, cock it, then shoot it at a hard suface. Perferably thats perpendicular to you. A rock works good. Enjoy a loud pop on impact, much like that of a cap gun.WARNING: I've heard of a few complaints that this can damage your barrel, and I am now aware of it... My suggestion is to not use single-pump action pellet guns, as it can damage the barrel and firing pin over a period of usage. this may be true with all guns, but mine has worked fine over the years of doing this. This instructable is intended for use with a regular, 10-pump BB gun. using anything else is at your own risk.

Final notes: Sometimes the match will fly very strangely and go in a random direction, so be careful. (this happens often because the match is going too fast, an is obviously not very aerodynamic. use fewer pumps if this happens consistantly)

Sometimes, rather than popping like how it should, it will just light on fire and burn stuff. Dangerous, but it gives you some ideas...

If it hits, but doesn't light or pop, get closer. The closer to the target the better.

Try taping sandpaper to the end of your gun. I've had the match light in mid-air, making tracer rounds! (do this only with 1 or 2 pumps in it)

Sorry for such a long instructable. Just put a strike anywhere match in a BB gun and fire it, basically. Have fun.

Look for some of my most-likely-similar-upcoming-instructables!



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    an airsoft gun is a bb gun, an airsoft gun shoots plastic or metal bb's, it doesnt have to be metal bb's to be a bb gun.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    just because everybody's discussing I wanna join... hello everyone.. :-) i think that: airrifles fire led,tin or copper bolts and they are 4,5mm in diameter airsoftguns fire plastic BB that's 6,6mm in diameter

    greenwing herocoolis50

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i have a air rifle, and it's true that it fires lead pellets however. it is a .22 i.e. the pellets are 2.2millimeters is diameter you can even get .177 which means the pellets are 1.77 millimeters in diameter. that's how it is in the uk just thought i'd say

    i do believe that the .177 bb's are 17.7 hundreds of an inch IE 17.7/100 or 177/1000
    and a .22 cal is 22 hundred's of an inch 22/100
    lol they are really more like .222,.223..224 or even .221 thousands of an inch

    Bellithegreenwing hero

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 4

    cal... .22 = cal

    A .22 cal is actually 5.5 mm and a .177 is 4.5mm

    air soft guns can kill things.. it depends how powerful they are... and where they strike.

    You can get tin, bismuth, lead, copper alloy pellets for air guns to. they shoot faster then lead pellets (up to 20% faster) which can make air guns illegal weapons in some places (like in Canada for instance)

    you can also get .20, .25 and a few other calibers, but the range of ammo goes down significantly.


    .22 caliber means 22/100ths of an inch .117 means 177/1000ths of an inch DONT do this with springers (break barrel, side lever, or underlever). It will work fine with multi stroke pneumatics (like your Pumpmaster) , co2 (anything using little 12gr co2 powerlettes) or Pre Charged Pneumatics (if you have one of those, you don't need me to tell you)

    kingpancake26greenwing hero

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 4

    lol its not 2.2 millimeters its refering to how much of an inch 1.77 millimeters is two of the balls in ballpiont pens which is l l this small and a .22 round is 5.56 millimeters which is l l small all are axproximate

    bpfhgreenwing hero

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    To expand on what 187Penguin said : .22 calibre means 0.22 of an inch - or 5.5 mm .177 calibre means 0.177 of an inch - or 4.5 mm


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Au contraire, A bb is a Ball Bearing. Ball Bearings are made of metal. An airsoft gun is not a bb gun, its a toy. You can not kill a rabbit, squirrel, mouse, etc with a airsoft gun! Unless I guess you can get close enough to bash it with the gun itself.

    Thats not a bb gun, this is a bb gun...https://www.instructables.com/id/BB-Machine-GunNOT-AIRSOFT!!!!!/


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    my airsoft sniper shoots metal 6mm airsoft bbs at 700 fps? can i kill a rabbit with that, apparently not