Exposed Brain for Your Zombie Costume

Introduction: Exposed Brain for Your Zombie Costume

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Make the most of your Skrillex haircut this Halloween season by giving yourself a disgusting gash on the side of your head!

Second photo by the very talented Ming Wu

Step 1: What You'll Need for the Brain

The idea for this project sprung from the fact that I already had all these materials at home.

To make the exposed brain you'll need:
-Brain shaped Jello mold (I got mine from
-Liquid latex
-Red paint

Step 2: Make the Brain

Coat the mold in vaseline. This will make removing the latex brain much easier.

Mix a few drops of red paint into some liquid latex to give it a pink colour. Remember that the latex will dry much darker.

Pour a small layer of latex into the mold. Slowly build up layers of latex until you you have the desired thickness for the brain prosthetic.

Allow the latex to dry completely. This will take a very long time. Be patient.

Step 3: Trim to Fit

Remove the latex brain from the mold. A little bit of baby powder can help prevent the latex from sticking to itself while you pull it out.

Cut off the straggly edges and then trim the prosthetic until it fits comfortable on the side of your head.

Step 4: Apply the Prosthetic

To put on the exposed brain, you'll need:
-Spirit gum (make sure you have spirit gum remover too for when you want to take it off)
-Make-up liquid latex
-Single ply toilet paper
-Red face paint
-Fake blood

Shave your head so you have a nice clean surface to stick the brain on.

Coat the edges on the back of the brain with spirit gum. Position it on the side of your head and hold it in place while it dries.

Apply costume grade liquid latex around the edges of the brain. While the latex is still tacky, cover it with torn strips of toilet paper. This will disguise the edges of the brain. Cover the toilet paper with more latex and allow to dry.

Paint the latex and toilet paper with concealer so it looks like your skin. Carefully tear and peel back some of the edges to look like gashes.  Paint the inside of the gashes with red face paint.

Finish getting ready to go out before adding generous amounts of fake blood.

Step 5: Zombify Yourself

Do your make up, mess up your hair, tear your clothes and put in your contacts and fake teeth.

Right before you walk out the door, add globs of fake blood to the brain to complete the look.

Now go eat some humans!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I know what Im going to be for Halloween next year. A 2 headed Zombie((I have a puppy and a military style peacoat)) XD


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This was very well done and took a considerable commitment on your part to cut your hair back... Excellent...