Explosive Knex Knife Thrower





Introduction: Explosive Knex Knife Thrower

About: Knex guns rule It was cool to be around when the first guns came out Now, after not having building knex for so long, its awesome to view in retospct

A simple yet devestating close range knife thrower with exsplosive fragment rounds.

I made this when i built a model of a medieval magonel
when the arm flew off!!!

Step 1: Collecting the Pieces

Well I bet everybody can figure this out in the picture

Step 2: Constructing the Frame

Just follow these simple pictures!

Step 3: Adding the Rubberbands

Use two durable thick rubberbands and wind them around towards the handle, then when the tension builds up add a yellow rod as shown.

Step 4: Loading and Firing

To load clip a normal shot(no rings) or a exsplosive one (with rings) into the yellow connector. Then pull back the shot like cocking a gun the slip your finger off. If it does not fire try adding more rubberbands.

You can also clip a white rod on the yellow connector and put any slip any knex pieces with a hole and fire.




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    22 Discussions

    coming soon, a 8 shot pistol and 12 shot pistol, both very differnet, the twelve shot has clips like a real gun for fast loading

    4 replies

    man your going to be known as the master of bottom clip loading knex guns i swear...anyways i still love your uzi handle desing (used on an uzi of my own but a little lighter, less pieces but still just as powerful and loads easily) ill probably make other guns with the ammo feed design. im thinking of making a couple model guns such as a sten and a tompson because of the stick ammo design. hope thats ok. I'm known as the master of long comments lol sorry

    hey TheDunkis i have just poseted mi uzi and hopefully u will like it aswell and mine is underclip aswell and very powerful

    could u take a pic at i diff angle coz i dunno wer 2 put the yellow 1


    11 years ago

    i like halo too... oh, instead of adding a lot of rubberbands, i took off the gray clip. works pretty well

    might post my 30 shot gun soon if i can find the cammra had it bilt a while now but stil cant make a decent trigger 4 it will post and c if any one can make a trigger 4 it good idear woorks well


    11 years ago

    doesnt throw it coz for me it just stays clipped on

    1 reply

    Put more rubberbands and pull back more then it should fire, it doesn't work as well with newer yellow connectors

    Knife thrower? Do you mean ring thrower? And that's "explosive". Neat design!

    1 reply

    well it shoots rods like a throwing knife

    just asking how is it a knife thrower. p.s nice instructable bobbyk881