Extendable Monopod




Here I will show you the innovation of a monopod.

Step 1: Problem

Being an aspiring athlete it is a very important thing to have game film of yourself playing. Without being in a stadium it's difficult to get a good view of the whole field. With the extendable monopod, that makes it much easier.

Step 2: Materials

To make this monopod here are the following materials:
Camera (we use an iPhone)
Monopod to fit the camera
Long paint pole
Small piece of pipe

Step 3: The Monopod

We used a broken tripod (the center piece) and a paint roller. What we did was glue the bottom part of the tripod into the paint roller so it is one big pole. It is also extendable

Step 4: The Base

For it to stand up by itself we used a bucket filled with sand to keep it steady. There is a piece of pipe in the middle to slide the bottom part of the paint pole into.

Step 5: Placing Pole Into Bucket

Now we place the pole in the bucket. We use the foam piece to have less movement in between the pipe and the pole. Push them in at the same time.

Step 6: Finished

With your camera now on the monopod it is able to take better film or pictures. All you need now is to rotate the pole to film the part of the field you want. My dad uses the app camera plus to be able to see what's on his phone through his iPad. It's about 5$ on the App Store but it's very helpful. The views above are the differences in height from the different extensions.

Step 7:

Here is a video with the monopod being used. It was not at the highest level.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    First to comment! Looks like a Shark Tank entry!